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Leather link belt to put on a dress. Wide range of colors Essential on your dresses


100% Leather

To care for 100% leather clothing for women, follow these tips:

  • Cleaning: It is best to have leather clothing professionally cleaned. If you need to clean a small stain at home, use a soft, slightly damp cloth with a soap made specifically for leather. Avoid alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners which can damage the leather.
  • Drying: Allow leather clothing to air dry, away from direct heat sources such as radiators or the sun, to avoid drying out and cracking. Do not put them in the dryer.
  • Conditioning: Use a good quality leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the leather. Apply the conditioner with a clean, dry cloth following the product instructions.
  • Storage: Store leather clothing in a cool, dry place. Use a padded hanger to avoid creases and warping. Cover them with a breathable fabric cover to protect them from dust and light.
  • Handling: Avoid wearing leather clothing in the rain or very humid conditions. If the leather gets wet, wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth and let it air dry naturally.

Following these tips will help preserve the quality and appearance of your leather clothing.

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