Nos Inspirations derrière nos Imprimés

Nos Inspirations derrière nos Imprimés

      Les éléments naturels et les paysages environnants de Marrakech sont une source inépuisable d'inspiration pour les imprimés de la collection. Les jardins luxuriants, tels que ceux du Jardin Majorelle, sont célèbres pour leurs plantes exotiques et leurs couleurs vibrantes, infusant les motifs floraux de la collection avec une vitalité et une fraîcheur incomparables. Les imprimés floraux de "Escale à Marrakech" rappellent les fleurs éclatantes et les feuillages verdoyants de ces jardins, apportant une touche de nature et de sérénité à chaque pièce.
Le Kimono : Court ou long ? Une création iconique de LAUREN VIDAL

The Kimono: Short or long? An iconic creation by LAUREN VIDAL

The kimono, this traditional Japanese garment, has transformed into an emblematic piece of the LAUREN VIDAL collections. We do not consider the kimono as a simple piece of your wardrobe and our collections; it's a true style statement that comes back every summer like the paradisaea terns*. Synonymous with elegance, it embodies the very essence of our commitment to fashion, transforming each outfit into a unique silhouette. A word from Revital Creator LAUREN VIDAL My ambition is to continue to amaze and inspire women around the world by offering them kimonos that transcend looks and trends to become timeless and coveted pieces. 
Élégance Ensoleillée : La Collection "DESERT PARTY" de LAUREN VIDAL

Sunny Elegance: The “DESERT PARTY” Collection by LAUREN VIDAL

Let yourself be carried away by the “DESERT PARTY” capsule by LAUREN VIDAL, an odyssey born from the rich influences of our recent stopover in Marrakech. As lead designer, I have drawn on the shimmering colors and mesmerizing patterns of this bewitching city to create a range of sophisticated pieces, perfect for illuminating your summer ceremonies. An article written by Revital, Creator of the LAUREN VIDAL brand
Éblouissante Escale à Marrakech : La Collection Dévoilée

Dazzling Stopover in Marrakech: The Collection Unveiled

Enchanting Escape: The “Stopover in Marrakech” Collection Revital historic creator of the brand LAUREN VIDAL unveils its new Spring - summer collection. A new star shines in the constellation of the brand's collections. Under the auspices of an enchanting and captivating inspiration, the fashion house unveils with unparalleled splendor its latest creation: the “Escale à Marrakech” collection.
LAUREN VIDAL lance sa “Boutique de Noël” en ligne

LAUREN VIDAL launches her online “Christmas Boutique”

The women's fashion brand LAUREN VIDAL, known for its innovative, sophisticated and elegant creations, has just launched its “Christmas Boutique” on its website 1 . This special page offers a selection of quality products, suitable for all tastes and budgets, to please or treat yourself during the end-of-year celebrations.
"Écume d'un jour" : Une Collection Inspirée du Chef-d'Œuvre de Boris Vian"

“Écume d’un jour”: A Collection Inspired by Boris Vian’s Masterpiece”

Boris Vian, legendary author, has always captured the essence of romanticism in his novels, and “The Foam of Days” is no exception. This timeless work is an ode to love, art and imagination. That's why it's exciting to see fashion taking inspiration from this literary classic to create a sensational collection.
Flânerie Bucolique Blog Mode Lauren Vidal

New Fall Winter Collection: "Bucolic Stroll"

In a harmonious blend of romanticism and audacity, Révital, the brand's historical creator, unveiled the first act of her latest work entitled "Flânerie Bucolique". This enchanting collection is a tribute to the beauty of rural landscapes mixed with timeless Parisian elegance.
Capsule Roche Azur Blog Mode Lauren Vidal

"Azure Rock" : A capsule inspired by the golden rocks on the seaside

 Discover "AZURE ROCK" Once again, we draw our inspiration from nature, and this season, a new collection has taken flight, inspired by the splendor of the golden rocks lining the Mediterranean Sea."Azure Rock" is a capsule that transports you to the sun-drenched shores of southern France, where the shimmering reflections of the stones in the azure blue water harmonize with the warm tones of the coastline. Prepare to be dazzled by an intoxicating color palette, flowing silhouettes and details that evoke the raw beauty of this iconic coastal region.The natural elegance of the Golden Rocks under an azure blue sky:The golden rocks that grace the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are a natural treasure of rare beauty. Their smooth, shiny appearance, combined with hues ranging from warm sand to intense gold, inspired Revital, the founder and creator of the LAUREN VIDAL brand. She has captured this natural elegance. The warm nuances of gold, sand, ochre and copper blend harmoniously to give life to fashion pieces that are unique in their design and in the multitude of prints and colors on offer.We showcase a sparkling color palette reminiscent of the golden hues of coastal rocks. The dominant yellows, oranges and browns are sometimes combined with touches of azure blue to evoke the distant sea. Revital pays particular attention to the choice of materials. Nothing is left to chance. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, or more ordinary ones like viscose or cotton, always serve an artistic project that aims to capture light and the envious elements to convey a sensation of freshness and lightness.Fluidity is at the heart of this craftsmanship. Revital has imagined silhouettes as light as the breeze at the water's edge and as structured as rock. All recall the movement of waves caressing Mediterranean shores. Light, wispy long dresses, flowing or loose-fitting jumpsuits and shirts, ruffled skirts, evoke the casual elegance of a sunny day by the sea. The cuts are just right, and we create a perfect osmosis between the quality of the fabrics used, the subtle details of our cuts and the research of our prints, which we want to be unique.Revital has paid particular attention to detail to evoke coastal beauty in every piece we offer. Delicate seashell embroidery, desert colors to evoke fine sand burnished by the effects of the sun, while geometric patterns inspired by golden rocks are subtly incorporated into our prints. DISCOVER "ASTRAL DREAM" too 

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