Le Kimono : Court ou long ? Une création iconique de LAUREN VIDAL

The Kimono: Short or long? An iconic creation by LAUREN VIDAL

The kimono, this traditional Japanese garment, has transformed into an emblematic piece of the LAUREN VIDAL collections. We do not consider the kimono as a simple piece of your wardrobe and our collections; it's a true style statement that comes back every summer like the paradisaea terns*. Synonymous with elegance, it embodies the very essence of our commitment to fashion, transforming each outfit into a unique silhouette.

A word from Revital Creator LAUREN VIDAL

My ambition is to continue to amaze and inspire women around the world by offering them kimonos that transcend looks and trends to become timeless and coveted pieces. 

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The kimono , this traditional Japanese garment, has transformed into an emblematic piece of the LAUREN VIDAL collections. We do not consider the kimono as a simple piece of your wardrobe and our collections; it's a true style statement that comes back every summer like the paradisaea terns*. Synonymous with elegance, it embodies the very essence of our commitment to fashion, transforming each outfit into a unique silhouette.

The kimono comes in two distinct versions: the long kimono, which delicately caresses the silhouette with its fluid and elongated cut; and the short kimono which subtly reveals feminine curves with its shorter length. These two variations offer endless stylistic possibilities, allowing you to create looks that are sometimes casual, sometimes sophisticated, depending on the occasion and your mood.

So how to choose your Kimono? Long or Short?

The choice between long and short kimono depends largely on the body shape of each woman and the occasion for which it is intended. For short women, the short kimono is ideal for elongating the silhouette, while the long kimono is perfect for taller women. In terms of occasion, the long kimono brings a touch of refined elegance to ceremonies and formal evenings, while the short kimono is perfect for more casual occasions, such as garden parties with friends.

Depending on your body shape, which Kimono to choose?

For an A-shaped body shape , where the hips are wider than the shoulders, the long kimono would be a wise option to balance the proportions. By opting for a long kimono, the emphasis is placed on verticality, thus creating an illusion of a more slender and harmonious silhouette. For an even more flattering look, a long kimono with patterns or details at the shoulders would help draw attention to the upper body. Belt your Kimono at the waist.

For a V-shaped body shape , characterized by shoulders wider than the hips, the short kimono would be an appropriate choice to highlight the legs and balance the silhouette. A short kimono would accentuate the feminine curves of the hips while minimizing the width of the shoulders. For the best effect, opt for patterns or details at the hips to draw attention to the lower body.

For an O-shaped body shape , where the curves are generous at the stomach and hips, the long kimono would be preferable to lengthen the silhouette and hide its imperfections. By choosing a long kimono, attention is diverted from the rounder areas towards the verticality of the silhouette, creating an illusion of slimness and elegance.

For an H shape , where the shoulders, waist and hips are aligned, both long and short kimono would be suitable, depending on personal preferences and desired style. A long kimono would help create a flowing and elegant silhouette, while a short kimono would emphasize the legs and waist, adding a touch of dynamism to the whole look.

For a figure 8 body shape , characterized by a thin waist and harmonious curves, both the long and short kimono would be flattering. A long kimono would emphasize the natural grace of the hourglass figure, while a short kimono would highlight the legs and waist, accentuating the feminine curves in an elegant and subtle way.

What Styles are possible with a Kimono?

It's the piece in your wardrobe that with the snap of a finger will instantly transform your silhouette from Casual to Chic.

The kimono offers versatility when it comes to styling. It can be worn casually with flowing pants and a t-shirt for a casual chic look, or paired with an elegant dress for a dressy evening. For a more sophisticated style, opt for a printed silk kimono, while for a more casual look, choose a light viscose kimono.

Why printed KIMONOS?

Note that for this season, we do not make Kimonos in solid colors

Capri, Matera, Roma, Rio, Cactus or Colors

Wearing a kimono adorned with prints inspired by the shimmering colors of sunny days has a deep and captivating meaning. Firstly, these prints, such as RIO, CAPRI, CACTUS, ROMA, MATERA and COLORS, evoke a sensory escape to faraway lands, including Marrakech and its surroundings, where the vibrant hues and vibrant patterns celebrate the dazzling beauty of nature and the winding streets of the city.

By wearing a kimono adorned with these prints, we offer ourselves an invitation to travel and wonder, transporting the mind to sunny horizons and enchanting landscapes. These evocative designs embody the very spirit of the summer season, capturing the liveliness of sunny days and the sweetness of summer evenings.

These prints from around the world add a touch of fantasy and cheerfulness to the wardrobe, infusing positive energy and irresistible dynamism into every outfit. They symbolize the joy of living and the daring to venture beyond the conventional boundaries of fashion, daring to express one's creativity and individuality with brilliance.

Inspired by the cultural and artistic riches of Marrakech, LAUREN VIDAL celebrates the diversity and beauty of the world around us. They invite discovery and appreciation of the wonders of nature and culture, providing a true visual feast for the senses and the mind.

The inspiration for our prints

The prints selected for the current collection's kimonos, including RIO, CAPRI, CACTUS, ROMA, MATERA and COLORS, draw inspiration from a variety of sources, each offering a unique and captivating aesthetic. The floral motifs, imbued with delicacy and poetry, evoke the ephemeral beauty of the flowering gardens of Marrakech, offering an ode to nature and its infinite splendor.

Geometric patterns, on the other hand, express a symmetry and regularity that evoke order and universal harmony, creating a play of shapes and lines captivating for the eye. They demonstrate the rigor that characterizes geometric art, offering a modern and elegant interpretation of traditional patterns. Looking closer, you will observe the winding streets of Marrakech.

Gemology-inspired designs celebrate the beauty of precious and semi-precious stones, capturing their sparkle and brilliance in shimmering, sparkling designs. These prints evoke the richness of gems, offering a touch of luxury to each kimono.

These different sources of inspiration, whether floral, geometric or linked to gemology, give each kimono a unique and refined aesthetic, inviting you on a sensory journey through patterns and colors.

Accessorize your Kimono

To emphasize the waist and create a more feminine silhouette, use the belt provided with the kimono to cinch the waist. Add delicate jewelry, such as dainty necklaces or drop earrings, for an extra touch of elegance. Complete the look with a structured handbag or clutch for a more ceremonial look.

Accessorizing a kimono requires subtle finesse, a delicate harmony between the elements to magnify this emblematic piece of the women's wardrobe. First of all, the belt plays a crucial role in defining the waist and creating a graceful silhouette. Opt for the silk or viscose belts supplied with the Kimono, or a thin, delicately decorated leather belt.

The jewelry brings a touch of elegance and refinement to the whole. Choose delicate jewelry, such as dainty necklaces, thin bracelets, or drop earrings, to subtly complete your outfit. But larger jewelry made of pearls or anthracite pebbles are also possible.

A structured handbag or elegant clutch can also add a more refined style to your look. Opt for bags with clean lines and quality materials for a chic effect. Also note that LAUREN VIDAL bags are designed to pair with KIMONOS.

To complete your outfit, remember that shoes and beautiful makeup are essential. But we’ll come back to that below…

Accessorizing a kimono therefore requires particular attention to detail and artistic sensitivity to create perfect harmony between the different elements. LUAREN VIDAL is here to help you.

Choice of Shoes

Shoes play a vital role in pulling off a kimono look. Opt for high heels or pumps for an elegant and feminine look, or combine the kimono with sneakers, clogs or flat sandals for a casual summer look.

The correct combination of shoes and a kimono is of paramount importance in creating a harmonious ensemble. First of all, for an elegant and feminine look, high heels or pumps are a wise choice. Their elevation provides a slender silhouette, in perfect harmony with the fluidity of the kimono, adding an undeniable note of refinement to the whole.

On the other hand, for a more relaxed and comfortable approach, clogs, flat sandals or espadrilles prove to be companions of choice. Their simplicity and comfort are in perfect harmony with the relaxed spirit of the kimono, offering a pleasant alternative for informal occasions.

Trainers or sneakers can be a modern, urban option to accompany a kimono, creating a bold contrast between the traditional elegance of the garment and the contemporary touch of the shoes.

For a more versatile approach, ballet flats or moccasins can be considered. Their timeless character and understated elegance harmonize perfectly with the grace of the kimono, providing a comfortable alternative for various occasions.

The choice of shoes to accompany a kimono depends on the desired style and the occasion. This choice proves to be strategic, because it takes you from a very chic universe to a casual universe in the snap of a finger. Whether it's high heels for a chic look, flat sandals for a casual look, sneakers for a casual touch or ballet flats, each option brings its own touch of elegance and personality to the ensemble. Be yourself !

Hair and Makeup

A simple, natural hairstyle will highlight the minimalist style of the kimono. Opt for hairstyles such as low buns or wavy loose hair for a stylish look. As for makeup, opt for light, fresh makeup, with a luminous complexion and natural lips for a harmonious look.

Selected Occasions

The kimono, a symbol of elegance and a form of exoticism, lends itself with undeniable nobility to various occasions, particularly during solemn ceremonies. It embodies the very essence of grace and style, providing a perfect canvas for moments of celebration and rejoicing.

In the context of ceremonies, such as weddings, engagements or baptisms, the kimono reveals its immense charm, giving the wearer a distinguished and refined look. Its fluid cut and sumptuous fabrics captivate the eyes and instill an aura of majesty around you.

Religious or secular ceremonies, marked by their solemn character, also offer an ideal setting for the use of the kimono. Its deep symbolism and elegant aesthetic add a spiritual dimension to the occasion, creating an atmosphere of serenity.

Likewise, official ceremonies and protocol events are favorable moments for adopting the kimono. Its presence and noble silhouette give a dignified and respectful appearance, in perfect harmony with the formal nature of the occasion.

The kimono embodies the very excellence of the great summer celebrations, standing out for its obvious elegance and its ability to magnify every solemn moment of life.

The kimono at LAUREN VIDAL is not simply a piece of clothing, it is a statement of assertive style and an iconic piece that transcends fleeting trends to become a must-have in the modern women's wardrobe.

A word from Revital – Designer at LAUREN VIDAL

As a designer at LAUREN VIDAL, I consider kimonos to be iconic pieces of my stylistic heritage. I perceive these creations as symbols, embodying the essence of what I want to convey to women. For many years, the continued success of my kimonos has been a testament to their continued relevance in the world of women's fashion, which fills me with pride and satisfaction.

My goal is to maintain this level of excellence by continuing to innovate and raise the creative level, while preserving their authenticity and distinctive character. I strive to capture the essence of beauty, grace and purpose through each kimono I create, providing my customers with an incomparable aesthetic experience.

My ambition is to continue to amaze and inspire women around the world by offering them kimonos that transcend looks and trends to become timeless and coveted pieces. I am convinced that my Kimonos will continue to seduce and delight fashion lovers for many years to come, thus perpetuating LAUREN VIDAL's legacy of style and loyalty.

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